VG Orchids


Our assortment consists of various, distinctive orchids, which are in a class of their own within the market in terms of types, shapes, sizes and quality.

The main groups are:

  • Phalaenopsis Little Lady - specially selected types (according to, for instance, color, number of flowers and vase life) that are, and will remain, naturally miniaturized. We have made our own selection from all the available types, which also performs well in the home. We grow these Little Lady’s in 6cm pots.
  • Phalaenopsis Assortment - distinctive types that have been selected according to color and number of flowers, with medium to large flowers.
  • Phalaenopsis Specialties - the flowers feature unique color patterns, making this type truly the most unique the market has to offer.
  • Nelly Isler - the only truly red Cambria. We apply specially prolonged growing methods to this type, which allows the plants to undergo heavier growth and the red-colored flowers to last longer in the home.
  • Miltonia - the forever-adored, but oh-so-difficult-to-grow ‘pansy orchids’. It owes its common name to the shape of its flowers, which strongly resemble pansies. These flowers will grace flowerbeds and gardens in spring and autumn.