VG Orchids

VG Orchids

The family-run company Geest Orchideeën in De Lier has, over the years, grown from 2,000m2 of cut Phalaenopsis to 73,000m2 of pot orchids. The introduction of a new name and look for the same trusted quality and innovative force. Thanks to its new house style and name, VG Orchids has gained a more international image and in this way, it hopes to distinguish its products even further.


Our vision encompasses innovation. The company culture at VG Orchids is one of renewal. We want to distinguish ourselves in ways beyond quality. VG Orchids strives to keep its assortment as broad as possible. Additionally, it is important that the existing assortment is expanded and that we continue to renew it through selection and addition of new types.

Core values

VG Orchids’ core values are respect, consistency, will, ambition and innovation. By ‘respect’ , we mean for tradition and for the environment; ‘consistency’ for us means being trustworthy in all that we do and in our knowledge and experience; ‘will’ stands for persistence and pioneering; ‘ambition’ and ‘innovation’ are clear enough.

Socially responsible

VG Orchids maintains a policy of social responsibility where the environment is concerned. This means employing organic pesticides wherever possible, energy-conscious growing techniques, and providing an optimal working environment for staff.

Quality hallmarks

In order to meet customers’ highest quality demands, VG Orchids has been awarded many quality hallmarks, such as MPS-A, MPS Socially Qualified, MPS-GAP and MPS- Ethical Trading Initiative. We strive to produce our products through organic cultivation processes.

Member of Logico / Colourful Match

VG Orchids is a member of Logico / Colourful Match, a sales organization that has developed sales concepts tailored to specific sales channels with the intent of achieving broader distinctions within the different segments, including garden centers, florists, supermarkets and DIY centers.